My Goals during Self-Isolation

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As a follow-up to my last post, I decided to write about what my personal goals have been and continue to be during my time in self-isolation. Some of these are much more trivial than others, but I figured it might be fun to get some insight into what other people are using this time to accomplish!


I challenged myself to read at least 100 pages every day in self-isolation, and so far I’ve outdone this goal! I’ve read five books so far, and am working through my sixth. Reading 100 pages a day was something I did easily when I was younger, and while it’s not something very realistic for my lifestyle anymore, all the time at home has allowed me to fall back into this habit! I like it because it’s an easy way to feel productive. Even if I don’t accomplish much on a given day, at least I know I’ve made significant progress in whatever book I’m currently reading.

Global Scholar portfolio

As I graduate in May, my portfolio that will earn me my certificate as a “globally-educated scholar” is due very soon. Previously, I had been lying to myself about how far through the portfolio I was. I decided to make this a priority over the past two weeks. I made a mater to-do list with every reflection I still needed to write, and almost every day I picked one to do. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m happy to say I am actually almost done with it!


Before I’d actually begun online school, I decided to do one assignment in advance a day. Definitely glad I made this a high priority, as I now have less work to do!

Build healthy habits

This one is multifaceted. I’m already a decently healthy person, but given this opportunity, I really wanted to reinforce some healthy habits I tend to slack on. I’ve been doing a lot more cooking and intentional eating, and I’m doing a lot less snacking, I’ve noticed, which is probably a good thing. I’ve kept up a workout regiment as well.

Additionally, I really want to start being more consistent with taking my vitamins. I have two I try to be good about taking, but I alway seem to forget. I’m hoping to built this habit into my life for good now!

Blog more

I had been itching to delve back into the blogosphere for a while now, and shelter-in-place mandates provided a great opportunity to take this goal head-on. Throughout the course of the next few weeks (months?) I hope to build a base of content and establish my blog so it can become the internet space I’ve envisioned.


This may be a somewhat lackluster way to end this post, but I also want to use this time to clean up some odd jobs I’ve been leaving undone on the to-do list. Things like straightening out financial accounts, registering to vote, and sending out some mail come to mind first. I also want to take part of a day to reorganize my bookshelves and clean out my closet.

Thanks for reading about my goals during this crazy time! I find discussing productivity and goals with other people, or just observing what other people are doing with their time, to be motivational. Stay safe and healthy!


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