Story time: An Embarrassing Memory with Julia

Hello! Today’s post is in collaboration with the lovely Study Ways! Head on over to her blog to check out her own post, where she’ll be writing about the same subject.

For a bit of fun, we decided to reminisce on some unfortunate and embarrassing stories from our pasts. Truthfully, it pains me to relive this, so do enjoy!

The Bike Incident

Back when I was a wee sophomore, I had yet to get my driver’s license. Jealous of my older friends and tired of relying on rides from other people, I often chose to bike to school and practice– so long as the weather held.

One such morning, I was on my way to school when I arrived at “Five Corners”. Five Corners is an enormous intersection where five roads meet. It is pretty much impossible to avoid Five Corners from my house. Now, this intersection is a big intersection, and each leg of the five streets gets its own light– so you sit there for a while waiting for your turn. It’s everyone’s least favorite intersection, needless to say.

One of the streets that runs through this intersection is a pretty busy state highway. Another street is a county highway– these aren’t lightly traveled roads! No no! For this reason, bikers are a rare sight. It’s not often you see someone perched on a bike, waiting to cross the intimidating Five Corners. What I mean to say is: everyone looks at you.

I was not to be deterred, though! I braved that intersection many-a-time. Unfortunately, this particular morning followed a summer rain storm the night before. The air was still hazy with mist. The ground was still soft and dewy. As I sat in wait of my light, minutes after minutes going by, I failed to notice the subtle and slight slippage of my bike tires in the muddy earth.

Until I did.

What is the saying? “Too little too late”?

I felt my bike begin to turn, accompanied by the panicked feeling of sinking horror in my stomach. In a moment that felt both endless and all too fast, I hit the ground sideways. Sprawled out on the dirt, surrounded by none less that FIVE streets of cars, waiting for the light to change, I was hyperaware of all the eyes on me. No doubt, commuters on their way to work and older kids driving themselves to school were giggling and pointing to their passengers. “Did you see that girl just fall?” “Oh my God, she wasn’t even moving!”

I popped up as fast as I could and pulled my bike to a standing position. A red flush bloomed across my cheeks as I covered my mouth in horror and tried to look like I was laughing it off for any onlookers. Fortunately, the light soon-after changed, and I pedaled away like I was being chased by a madman. However, no matter how fast I went, I couldn’t out-ride the cloud of embarrassment following me.

What have I learned from this experience? I do not indeed have enough balance to perch on my unmoving bike for extended periods of time. Additionally, mud is slippery.

I thank the Lord I can now drive.

Thanks for reading! Please remember to check out Study Ways’ post!


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