Indie Music You Need in Your Life

Hellooooo! I’m not sure how much I’ve mentioned this previously, but I LOVE music. I am constantly listening to music, and I really enjoy discovering new artists. In today’s post, I’m going to share some indie artists I’ve recently uncovered. Let me know if you’re familiar with any of these names and feel free to share your current favorites! (I always love recommendations).

I have a pretty diverse taste in music, so I don’t want to constrict myself to specific genres, but I tend to lean towards indie pop, acoustic, surf rock, acoustic rock, folk, folk pop, folk rock, lo-fi, atmospheric, and easy acoustic. Genuinely, though, I listen to everything under the sun, so there’s a good chance you’ll like at least something in this list.

All these artists have less than 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. (And half aren’t verified on IG lolol we’re talking indie indie here.)

Far Caspian // 249,000 monthly listeners

Far Caspian is Irish musician Joel Johnston’s stage name. He writes, records, and produces all his music in his home, making him a purely independent “bedroom” artist. His sound is very indie pop. It’s chill, vibe-y, and nostalgic. I love it. It definitely makes me think about summertime and sunsets and late nights with friends. I’ve been popping one of his albums on as I’m winding down for bed as of late. Some of my favorite songs of his include:

  • July
  • Finding My Way Home
  • Conversations
  • Astoria
  • The Heights
  • Today

I also find his album art to be quite pretty.

Maude Latour // 215,000 monthly listeners

Maude Latour is a 20 year old student at Columbia University. I’m a sucker for artists close to my age. I think I just have a big appreciation for people who can produce beautiful art so young. She only has one EP released, but it’s awesome. (It’s called Starsick EP.) The first time I listened to it, I was immediately reminded of Melodrama by Lorde. As I’ve been going through MAJOR Lorde withdrawals, (come on honey, it’s been three years) finding this album came at a good time.

My favorite songs by her are:

  • Lovesick
  • Superfruit
  • Shoot and Run

But honestly the whole EP is amazing.

Oscar Roche // 12,000 monthly listeners

Genuinely, I cannot find much information about Oscar Roche. His artist bio is pretty empty and my Google searches have yielded very little. With such a small following, though, I’m too surprised. Regardless, his music is amazing. He’s got an acoustic, “feel-good” sound going with lots of guitar and drums. His vocals are absolutely stunning. I sent a friend one of Oscar’s songs back when I first stumbled across the artist, and his immediate reaction was “these vocals are amazing”.

My favorite songs are:

  • Kiwi Juice
  • Him
  • Talk Ain’t Cheap

I think part of the reason I enjoy indie music so much is that the artists usually are really talented and passionate about their art. It comes from a real and genuine place… unaffected by the double-edged nature of the recording industry.

TOLEDO // 105,000 monthly listeners

I am in love with both TOLEDO’s music and the two souls the band is comprised of. They produce vibey, beachy surf rock music and it’s so good. They’re independently released album Hotstuff came out late 2019, so it’s still pretty fresh. I can put it on repeat for hours and never grow tired of it. It’s surf rock that’s atmospheric and groovy but also catchy and makes me wish I was better at guitar so I could attempt to recreate it.

My favorite songs are:

  • Some Samurai
  • Bath
  • Hotstuff
  • Qué Pasa?

Please go listen; you won’t regret it.

Seriously, if anyone knows any of these artists or decides to actually give them a listen, let me know because I will love you forever.

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That’s all! Happy listening!


  1. Oh my god, I absolutely adore Far Caspian! It’s so great to find someone with a similar music taste! Will definitely be checking out the rest too, I’m always on the lookout for new music!
    So glad I came across your blog, looking forward to more from you! xx

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