My Collaging Process + collage portfolio

Hello! I know it’s been a minute since I last published a blog post. Truthfully, my life’s been a little crazy ever since my state reopened. I’ve been back at work, but working double the hours I was before quarantine. Needless to say, I’ve been busy. However, as we move into the last half of … More

Simple Smoothies I’ve Been LOVING

If anything good has come out of being stuck in my house 24/7, it’s all the new-found time to try new recipes I now have. Lately, I’ve been loving two smoothies, and I probably make them at least every other day. They are super simple, super clean, and super delicious, so I’m spreading the word. … More

Indie Music You Need in Your Life

Hellooooo! I’m not sure how much I’ve mentioned this previously, but I LOVE music. I am constantly listening to music, and I really enjoy discovering new artists. In today’s post, I’m going to share some indie artists I’ve recently uncovered. Let me know if you’re familiar with any of these names and feel free to … More

What I’m Watching in Quarantine

Hello! I hope everyone’s doing all right! Today I’ll be writing about what I’ve been watching to get through self-isolation. Hopefully there’s at least one new recommendation for you in this list, but it’s honestly what I’ve been gravitating towards lately… so it may be a bit basic. Lucy Moon Lucy Moon is one of … More

Brand Spotlight: AHAVA + product reviews

Today I’ll be tapping into my love for beauty products as I write this post, which is all about a brand I’ve recently fallen in love with: AHAVA. AHAVA was introduced to me through my monthly Ipsy subscription a few months ago. I received the Dead Sea Mineral hand cream in the scent Sea Kissed. … More

Story time: An Embarrassing Memory with Julia

Hello! Today’s post is in collaboration with the lovely Study Ways! Head on over to her blog to check out her own post, where she’ll be writing about the same subject. For a bit of fun, we decided to reminisce on some unfortunate and embarrassing stories from our pasts. Truthfully, it pains me to relive … More

Finding a College Roommate

With decision day fast-approaching and housing contract deadlines on the horizon, I wanted to write about my experience finding my college roommate and share my advice for anyone who is currently going through the process or is anticipating it for the future. Every school is different, but I know a lot of them follow a … More

Sleep Tips from a Restless Sleeper (Me)

Truthfully, being stuck at home has severely messed with my sleep. I spent the first couple weeks of social distancing unable to fall asleep before 3:00 A.M., spending hour after hour tossing and turning until I was absolutely miserable. As a habitually poor sleeper, I have accumulated an arsenal of tools for overcoming temporary bouts … More

My Goals during Self-Isolation

As a follow-up to my last post, I decided to write about what my personal goals have been and continue to be during my time in self-isolation. Some of these are much more trivial than others, but I figured it might be fun to get some insight into what other people are using this time … More

Three Tips for Achieving Goals during COVID-19

There certainly seems to be a lot of content surrounding COVID-19 circling the internet right now– which makes sense because it is consuming everybody’s lives in an almost supernatural way. So I hate to throw my hat into this ring of COVID content, but goal-setting and productivity on my own without the structure of a … More


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